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Bullwhip Earrings – Gauged Ears New

Bullwhip Earrings – Gauged Ears

Masterfully crafted, sterling silver, and garnet decorated 3” long earrings for 6 gauge ears…express your individual Dominant side!


Hogtie Earrings New

Hogtie Earrings

Devilishly created, semi-oxidized, sterling silver, earrings…not your ordinary cross - divinely sinful!


Riding Crop Earrings New

Riding Crop Earrings

Beautifully crafted, semi-oxidized, sterling silver, earrings…an equestrian rider’s dream!


Carabiner Earrings New

Carabiner Earrings

Cleverly styled, high-polished sterling silver, earrings…completes your sexy attitude!